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Understanding 47th District Court Funding and Revenue

Over his 18 years on the bench Judge Brady has frequently been asked, "what does the Court do with all the money it takes in?" Sometimes he tells the person that Judge Parker and he just split it. Before their jaw hits the floor he make sure to tell them that he is kidding and then explains what really happens in the world of court financial transactions. That information is shown in the tables below. The simple answer to the question asked above is that the Court is simply a "pass-through" and the Court doesn't keep a dime of the money it takes in. 

Source: 47th District Court 2019 Annual Report

As stated in the 47th District Court's 2019 Annual Report, the Court is part of the State of Michigan’s “One Court of Justice”. Although not an agency of either Farmington Hills or Farmington, by statute, the Court is mutually funded by both under a formula adopted by the two Cities that accounts for both population (10 year census data) and annual caseload. While being careful to protect the independence of judicial decision making (the Cities are litigating parties in the majority of the cases at the Court), the Court consistently strives to work with the Cities as partners in government to ensure the most efficient and effective use of public resources. 

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